A 10 Step Plan To Build A Concrete Driveway Your Neighbors Will Envy You For

Free Tips From a Reputable Local Concrete Contractor

Your driveway is the business card of your home. It creates the first impression people have when they are coming to visit you. This is why creating an aesthetically pleasing entrance to your property, with the help of a concrete contractor, is one of the priorities that you should have when moving in a new neighborhood in Easton PA. As Dan Kotz is one of the most respectful and experienced concrete contractors around, we have prepared a short 10 step plan for creating the driveway you always dreamed of, and would love to share it with you for free.

Step 1: Pick the right spot for the driveway you are about to lay – Avoid hazardous blind corners or circle drives, as well as any constructions on a hill.

Step 2: Calculate the amount of concrete you will need, as well as the price for rental equipment you will need in order to fulfill your plan and make sure the final price fits the budget you have. To get a more accurate estimate, you better contact a concrete company for a consultation.

Step 3: Check with a local jurisdictional agency whether you need to get some permits issued or some engineering requirements fulfilled in relation to your driveway project.

Step 4: Check if your soil needs amending to support your drive – This can happen when the ground in front of your house is loose or sandy.

Step 5: Visualize your project – Use metal stakes to mark the beginning and the end of your driveway. Then measure the width of the driveway and mark any peculiarities in its shape (for instance a turn that you need to make in order to avoid a tree, etc.). Use a builders line to establish the edges of your driveway.

Step 6: Remove all the plants, grass or vegetation over the ground where you intend to lay the concrete.

Step 7: Use wooden form boards to install the form of your driveway and some wooden or metal stakes to keep them straightly aligned.

Step 8: Install reinforcing steel bars or polypropylene fiber reinforcing to make the construction more durable.

Step 9: Contact a concrete contractor to do the labor intensive concrete pouring and finishing. Then cover the concrete with plastic sheeting if you want to prevent it from drying too quickly.

Step 10: Leave the concrete to dry completely for 4-5 days, then remove the forms, and repair the landscape along the edges damaged by the stakes.

Now all that you have left to do is look around you and see how many neighbors are staring at your yard with envy! A great feeling, isn’t it?