Masonry Contractor

The Masonry Contractor That Always Makes an Extra Effort!

Situated in Easton PA, we are the masonry contractor who can take care of any masonry requests you have. For almost 40 years, our masonry services have been preferred by people in the area. Throughout all of the years we have performed outstandingly and accumulated a vast amount of professional experience which has honed our professional abilities, and perfected the quality of our results. From masonry, to high quality general contracting – we will do it all. Take a look at a few examples of the services delivered by our company:

– stone elements and wall inspection

– complex stone work

– stone repair

– and much more!

A wall built by a masonry contractorDan Kotz is an exceptional masonry contractor – all of our Easton PA jobs are performed with the utmost commitment and professional dedication. Prior to any masonry task, we will carefully inspect the area and determine the proper course of action. Preparation is always key, when the end goal is to deliver a high quality result. We never make compromises with quality, and this is why our services are held in high esteem among the general public.

Our company stands out among the others, for providing an incredible variety of services. From masonry and carpentry, to complete general contracting – our professionals do it all. You don’t need to hire a freelancer who has insufficient professional experience, and limited knowledge. People that go with the help of amateurs, always complain about the low quality of their work. Contact us, and we will deliver the superior quality you need!

All of the services provided by our concrete contractor come at competitive and budget-friendly rates. You don’t have to worry about affordability! If you wish to find out more, call our phone number below – our professionals will be happy to assist you.

Phone: (610) 253-0485