What Can You Expect From The Masonry Services of Dan Kotz?

Why Book Us as Your Masonry Contractor?

Whether you need to install a field-stone fireplace in your living room or build a whole structure, the first thing to do is contact a reliable masonry contractor. Not all companies deliver the same quality of service, but we have a remarkable record of satisfied customers and completed projects in Easton PA. Dan Kotz is a well recognized name in this field of service, since we have been operating in the area for many years now.

The most common materials used in masonry are concrete and brick, but the beauty of stonework is unmatched. Overall, masonry is a highly solid form of construction. There are also many more benefits of having your home or other structures built with masonry.

Here are some of them:

  1. Fire resistance – Only non-combustible materials are used.

  2. Durability – The structures are more resistant to heavy storms or other natural disasters. Masonry structures built from stone or lime mortar have a life of several centuries.

  3. Sound proofing – Masonry blocks out noise better than any other building material.

  4. Maintenance – Some types of masonry provide lasting beauty, resulting in less maintenance costs than other materials, some types don’t even require painting.

  5. Environmentally-Friendly “Green” Products

However, there are many details to be observed and the need for skilled labor is paramount. Using the services of an inexperienced masonry contractor can significantly affect the durability of the whole structure. This is not the case when you work with us. We provide workmanship warranty in all our projects and that is the most important thing you need. The skills and knowledge of our experts are unmatched by any other masonry contractor. Trust us with your upcoming project and you won’t be disappointed. We use the finest building materials, and our professional team is equipped with modern tools and machinery.